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Who we service

Lams & Associates currently supports customers within Canada, US, China and UK markets. We are engaged by a diverse, global clientele and are interested in learning more about your business and how we can help you be successful. Below shares some of our target customers and clients:

  • Organizations looking for access to uncommon, verified resources

  • Owners or senior executives in need of a trusted coach/mentor

  • Start-up companies

  • Companies with large revenues looking for internal re-organization

  • Companies in need of restructuring with the goal to sell their business

  • Companies seeking expansion in foreign markets

  • Franchise systems – Franchisor assistance with their internal systems and seeking expansion

  • Companies seeking to be acquired

  • Connecting developers with investors


Don’t see your company fitting into one of the above groups? We service a variety of client groups - Contact our team today. 


“Patrick has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of stakeholder engagement, change management and customer service. His particular strength is the human dimension. He establishes and develops resilient relationships through a strong, personal touch. This allows him to truly understand customer requirements and builds trust. He is extremely adaptable and has a tremendous amount of initiative. His work over this past year been nothing short of exceptional. He works until the task is complete. Pat is an individual that provides strong leadership through; personal example, exceptional planning and preparation, the right level of oversight of activity delivery, and integrity.”

Malcolm Bruce, Director Corporate Services, APEGA


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