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Lams & Associates can help you gain a competitive edge over your market by harnessing the data that already exists within your business. We will advise you on how to collect and store your data to open up a range of possibilities and work with you to provide your business reporting, analytics and insight into your performance, the wider market and your customers’ needs and wants.

Business development

(locally, nationally, internationally)

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Detailed business review to increase revenue and profitability


Legal and financial service optimization through access to professional alliances

Share and develop merger and acquisition practices and plans

Business Meeting

Sales and marketing training and development

Business Meeting

Research, assess and provide recommendations on potential business opportunities

Provide strong international direct market access primarily within Canada, US, China, UK markets

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Lams offers general business consulting services that provide clients with a variety of successful solutions.

Interested to see if we can successfully provide services for your business challenge? Contact us today.



Lams & Associates will advise you on the best solutions for your business to store your data without the need for escalating costs ensuring it is always available for your needs


Lams & Associates will help you understand why your outputs looks the way they do. Simply having reporting is only the first part of using your data, analytics will fill in the gaps to understanding your performance.


Lams & Associates will work with your internal teams to devise or build and deliver a reporting solution that can give you near real time reporting on your KPIs using a “build once use always” model


Lams & Associates will work with you to answer the key question of So What? What does this data means for me and my business and how can we use it to inform decision making and strategy.


Modelling harnesses the power of your data to predict future behavior


• A Data Science team can build statistical models to predict the future behaviors of all aspects of your business

• Sitting over your data storage solution, the outputs can be manipulated into wide ranging applications diversifying your business simply through your data

• Modelling will identify for any given output what the most sensitive decision points are, for example the performance of a product may be most sensitive to Price, Time of year, Sales Location, Time to Delivery et al.

• Modelling will tell you how a basis point change in one of your input variables will impact your outcome variables, ie if you Spend $1 on X then you will receive $2 from Y

• Modelling is the natural extension of your insight and will drive your strategic decision making

• By owning your own data and have it work for you, you can enable a modelling function to build solutions as part of your service to a third party and externally to the wider market

• You can tell stakeholders how to organize large sections of their business based on how your models predict it will perform in any given situation


• As part of the proposition, building out data flows via the app or via connections to a cloud service, real time MI can show customers:

    • Where queue times are high and so where should I allocate headcount

    • Which products are selling and need to be stocked or prepared


• Collating data across all uses of the app allows models to be created that will predict:

    • What demographic will attend certain events

    • What drives sales: Day of the week, time of event, type of event, seasonality

    • Predicting sales in term of volume, product type, peak sales time during the event

    • Price elasticity

• An internal modelling team can build models once based on the data that can be packaged and re-sold to all customers with little or no customisation

• Optional extras within the app can be different levels of custom build reporting and analytics that can be automated

• Connecting the data to a dashboards and a data layer accessible via an online portal that customers can subscribe to, “My SeatService Dashboard” allows access to data, reporting and the power of insight and modelling

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