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Lams & Associates works closely with your business to provide the necessary building blocks that develop your company further. Whether you are looking for new sources of revenue or are trying to optimize your existing client base, we will use our years of experience of running and growing businesses, and adapt our knowledge to fit your company’s needs and business goals.

Lams offers a variety of services, the below summarizes what we do for our clients:​

Business development

(locally, nationally, internationally)

Image by Sean Pollock

Detailed business review to increase revenue and profitability


Legal and financial service optimization through access to professional alliances

Share and develop merger and acquisition practices and plans

Business Meeting

Sales and marketing training and development

Business Meeting

Research, assess and provide recommendations on potential business opportunities

Provide strong international direct market access primarily within Canada, US, China, UK markets

Someone Flying Business Class

Lams offers general business consulting services that provide clients with a variety of successful solutions.

Interested to see if we can successfully provide services for your business challenge? Contact us today.

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